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Guest snugglers!

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2011 at 4:53 pm

I am featuring some wonderful guest snugglers today. These babies belong to my friend Courtney, who I have known since high school. Courtney owns an AWESOME pet bed company and is one of the very best dog rescuers in the world. She has fostered, placed and adopted SO many sweet pups that I have lost track. Pictured above are 3 of her dogs…though her house is always filled with a couple of guest (foster) snugglers in addition to these. Here’s her description of what you are witnessing in these pics:

Izabel is the oldest at 6 ( and total Queen Bee of the household). She came from North Shore and was brought up from a high kill shelter in the South. She is affectionate and a very independent  girl; extremely loyal and wise. Pheobe, just turned 4 , is a rare breed; a Bracco Italiano and actually came from Genoa, Italy. She is doofy and silly and a total mama’s girl! The minute I brought her home, at only 5 weeks old, Izzy took her right under her wing! Oliver is the baby, at only 6 months old. We rescued him through a group in Ohio, who pulls the “extra” puppies who are slated to be euthanized at the mills. He is our ” dumpster dog”. A total menace and a total love! He gets along with everyone, people and animals alike. He also gets into EVERYTHING!  It took a few months, but now they are all best buds 🙂


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