Your daily dose of awwwwwww.

Starring Echo Doppler and Elsa! *guest starring Carey (human) and Drake (the black & white cat)

Echo Doppler is a 12.5 year old pit bull/great dane/boxer cross and Elsa is his cat.

When Elsa first came in to the animal shelter 11 years ago, she jumped into Echo’s crate, evoking gasps from everyone watching. He nudged his food bowl over to her with his nose, she had a few nibbles, starting purring, curled up with him and the rest is history.

They have been inseparable best buds ever since.

10+ years of snuggling has made this photo album easy to create. To this day, Carey (their mom) and everyone else who meets them is simply delighted by their constant mushiness. Elsa often gives Echo massages, cleans his eyes and ears out with gentle licks, nurses any wounds that he may have, and holds his paw while she sleeps and purrs.

I hope you enjoy the cuddles! Let this be a lesson to everyone that no matter what size or species you are, there is someone to love you more than anything in the world.

*occasional guest appearances by Carey (human) and Drake (the black and white cat)

All photography by Carey Yaruss and Gabriel Sanders (

  1. OMG! That is too much! LOL!! seriously!

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